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HomeSystem Integrators – Increase your competitive advantage with ScadaFest

5 Good Reasons

Not only is ScadaFest an opportunity to increase your competitive advantage, its an excellent place for your customers to find the answers they need to complete their software selection process. 

Top Reasons Integrators Should Attend

  • Get the drop on your competition. This is a fun and efficient way to learn about emerging technologies, best practices, and new features from the experts.
  • Increase profitability with OEM Layers. VTScada allows you to create a reusable foundation for your projects that includes customized elements like widgets, parameterized pages, and proprietary calculations. This is the place to get the most from this advanced development tool.
  • Find solutions to tough problems. No doubt you have customers with unique challenges. What ever they are, you can find an expert who can help. It may even be our President.
  • Other integrators thought it was worth it. “Just wanted to tip my cap to your entire team and say job well done with ScadaFest this year. Love the format, the chance to interact with your developers and staff, and the opportunity to network with good people. Best one yet!”
  • Get that Gold Star! We offer condensed in-person training during the three days before. If your team members have taken the Operations and Configuration course, they’re eligible to take Advanced Configuration and be listed as an Advanced Integrator on our website. Also, our Advanced Scripting Course is only available at ScadaFest.


Top Reasons to Bring Your Customers

  • A focused place to make decisions. Software selection can drag on for years and get bogged down by daily responsibilities. This is a distraction-free setting where you can build your client’s confidence in VTScada.
  • It takes time to sink in. Many decision makers are not experts in this field. It takes time to see beyond the checkmarks and understand how VTScada works differently to solve problems better.
  • They trust what they see. Your clients will see a vibrant company with considerable resources. They’ll see a friendly corporate culture made up of smart enthusiastic professionals. They’ll see our close relationship with you.
  • Meet the support team. The success of any long-term application hinges on the relationship with the people who support it. Your clients will sleep better having a face to put with the voice on the phone.
  • Theme parks are fun! The event venue is perfectly situated to enjoy everything Orlando has to offer (it even has free daily shuttles to Disney parks!). Plus discounted hotel rates extend 3 days pre- and post-ScadaFest.


Help us, help you, to help them. 

Call your VTScada regional sales manager (find them here) to discuss how we can help make it easier for your customers to attend ScadaFest. 

Early Bird Registration Open