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VTScada Operation & Configuration + ScadaFest

In this course, VTScada operators and developers create working VTScada applications from start to finish.

Depending on available time and student interest, additional topics may be covered.

Day 1

  • Overview of VTScada features and concepts
  • Application creation and management tools
  • Navigational tools and basic application properties
  • Using the Tag Browser to add and configure tags. Building tag hierarchies for efficiency
  • Communicate with hardware – ports, drivers and I/O tag configuration
  • Best practices for tag creation
  • The VTScada Idea Studio. Tools for drawing, editing and formatting objects on a page
  • Create and configure display pages (screens)
  • Configure the page navigation menu

Day 2

  • Add and configure labels
  • Widgets to display tag values
  • Widget configuration using the System Style tag
  • Creating and drawing I/O tags
  • Time-Saving Techniques including:
    • Export tags to work outside the VTScada environment
    • The Tag Links Panel
    • Develop your own widgets to represent equipment
    • Secure your application with accounts and roles. Create privileges and define rules to limit their scope

Day 3

  • Create and configure alarms. Create customized alarm management tools
  • Using the tools in the Alarm page
  • Configure the Alarm Notification System
  • Configure and use Operator Notebooks
  • Configure data logging with the Historian
  • Configure and use the Historical Data Viewer. Add trends to any page
  • Generate reports using the Reports page and Report tag
  • Build expressions using the Calculation tag
  • Configure the application to run on multiple workstations with primary and backup servers
  • Configure the VTScada Internet Server. Connect using any of the available thin clients
  • Use the Version Control System to manage changes
  • Depending on available time and student interest, additional topics may be covered.

Day 4


Day 5


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