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VTScada  Advanced Configuration + ScadaFest

In this course, VTScada developers learn advanced configuration techniques to take full advantage of VTScada’s power.

Depending on available time and student interest, additional topics may be covered.

It is assumed that participants know the basic features of VTScada as covered in the Operations and Configuration course.

Day 1

  • Review of VTScada features and concepts
  • Configuration properties to control how VTScada looks and works
  • Using workstation-specific properties
  • Advanced use of expressions (programming) to enhance tags and widgets

Day 2

  • Context tags in detail
  • Sites and Connectors
  • Create complex multi-tag structures for re-use
  • Create custom widgets
  • Parameterized pages. Build a screen once to use many times
  • Use tabbed folders in your display screens
  • Enhance the Tag List widget with your custom widgets
  • Smart Sites.

Day 3

  • Advanced security management and customization
  • Realm Filtering Global tag & area filters
  • Advanced report generation in VTScada including:
  • Control what data is collected and how it is stored
  • History edit / history import
  • Using the Excel add-in
  • Configure the OBDC interface SQL queries of VTScada data
  • Create and use OEM layers to protect portions of your application or distribute custom tools to other sites
  • Understand ChangeSets and the VTScada version control repository
  • Master / Subordinate applications
  • Using the VTScada utility applications to diagnose problems in your application
    • Introduction to the VTScada scripting language.

Day 4


Day 5


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